Certificate In Web Designing

Medium of instruction – Tamil and English

Certificate in Web Designing has been divided into 3 Modules. First module covers basics of applications (Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash) and basics of CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) used in web designing.

This module contains 25 hrs of video tutorials and 25 hrs of do yourself exercises.

In module 2, we cover all the web designing applications and CSS from basic level to next level.

2nd module contains 32 hrs of video tutorials and 43 hrs of do yourself exercises. At the end of the 2nd module, student would have gained the knowledge of designing PSD and CSS templates.

In the 3rd and the final module, introduction to web master tools shall be covered. After that, every student has to design a commercial static website along with our help. Next, student will learn to customize professional templates.

3rd module contains 15 hrs of video tutorials and 35 hrs of do yourself exercises.

Module I – 25 + 25 Hrs


Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Formatting, Links, Images, Tables, Editor – Notepad / Dreamweaver

Basics of Dreamweaver (5 + 5 Hrs):

Intro, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Insert Bar, Document Tool Bar, Coding Tool Bar, Document Window, Properties Inspector, Panel Groups, Tables, Creating, Saving, Viewing and Closing a Web Page

Basics of Photoshop (5 + 5 Hrs):

Intro, Tool Bar, Menu Bar, Layers, Option Bar, Filters, Brushes, Blending Options, Save and Close a PSD document – 10 Hrs

Basics of CSS (5 + 5 Hrs):

Intro, CSS Syntax, Selectors, Declarations, ID and Class Box Model – 3 Hrs

Basics of Flash (5 + 5 Hrs):

Intro, Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Timeline, Library, User Interface, Save and Close a Flash Document – 4 Hrs

Object: Introduction to web designing applications and script language

Module II – 32 + 33 Hrs

Photoshop and HTML (10 + 10 Hrs):

Creating PSD Template, Saving as HTML Document, Opening and Customizing PSD Template in Dreamweaver – 8 Hrs to teach PS and 2 Hrs to Convert into HTML

Photoshop, HTML and CSS (10 + 10 Hrs):

Embedding CSS Codes into PSD Template, Creating CSS based PSD Templates, Browser Optimization, and Resolution Optimization – 2 Hrs PS + 8 Hrs CSS

Flash (10 + 10 Hrs):

Animation, Masking, Buttons, Adding Scripts and Creating Effects


Statements, Comments, Variables, Operators, Functions and Guidelines Object:Creating a basic web site - Student can create a Photoshop / css / html websites / templates

Module III - 15 + 35 Hrs Blocks of the 3rd Module: Introduction to Webmaster Tools & Practical (5 + 5 Hrs) - Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Files Uploading, Content Developing

Template Designing Practical (5 + 20 Hrs)

Template Remodeling Practical (5 + 10 Hrs)

Practical: Creating 2 commercial website with CSS and PSD Templates embedded with Flash Animations

Object or End Result:

Student become a wholesome basic level professional web designer and they can easily design commercial web templates.